3 steps to starting a business!

Are you thinking of starting a business? Here are 3 steps from ShieldsCreate.com to help you hit the ground running!


  1. Get your domain name and logo in place Fast!

Your logo and domain are very often the first sight potential customers see of your business. Most entrepreneurs understand that time is money – at ShieldsCreate, we started off as entrepeneurs, so we know how long finding the right name, domain and logo can take. That’s why we wanted to be able to help you skip most of those headaches, with our team that can set up the domain, registered to you, and a logo created for you quickly and with as little hassle as possible.

  1. Get your website online Fast!

Our very first step when setting up your domain is to create a holding page for you – with your logo, a brief statement of intent and contact details. That way you are immediately contactable, and you can start doing business while ShieldsCreate get on with the work of quickly and efficiently getting your responsive site up and running – whether you want an e-shop, a booking system or just a business identifier site –we will find a speedy and cost effective option for you that works on desktop and mobile web.

  1. Get your social media machine humming Fast!

Now you need to establish your footprint in the marketplace, you will need to get the word out. All our website creations connect and cross pollinate with your social media. ShieldsCreate.com can help you build your following with a combination of interesting and informative links, bespoke content like this very article, and more. Getting links to your website has value, so good message development, quality storytelling and media are an important part of a complete social media package. And it’s fast!

If you speak to ShieldsCreate.com , you could be getting your business to market while your competitors are still deciding what colour their logo should be!

Ricky Shields is the mascot and de-facto leader of the www.ShieldsCreate.com  team, who have been helping businesses in Paphos and the UK present their professional face to the world with Websites, Mobile Web, Copy, Content, Graphics,  Print, Photography, Video, Signage, Social Media and more, for over a decade. 


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