About Shields!

Who are Shields?

We’re an amazing family business who have been at it for over 10 years, bringing experience from all over the place, from print to graphic design, from web design to signage. With so much knowledge, experience, professionalism and not to mention our warm hearts and good looks, you can’t go wrong with Shields!

Ricky Shields - The Boss of Shields
Spacker extraordinaire, suave sophisticate, warrior of the wind and all-round majestic bearded man, Ricky is the Shields mascot, bringing hope, laughter and tears to the business. All in that order. Also a huge fan of the West Wing, having watched all 7 series, what, about 20 times now?
Lynn Shields - Best Graphic Designer Ever
Kind, caring, thoughtful and bloody amazing, Lynn is the magical design person who makes anything and everything look beautiful, no matter how ugly things may seem. Likes cats, dogs, Queens of the Stone Age, unicorns. Dislikes Google Chrome, sappy romantic comedies and toad in the hole.
Athina Shields - The Shields Web Expert
A deranged lunatic with a lot of talent when it comes to putting websites together. Athina is the Web Overlord of Shields, joint Number 2 design honcho and secretly plans to turn the entire planet into dragons. Or at least herself. Because being a dragon would be bloody awesome. Also rather obsessed with LEGO.
Loukas Shields - The Print Expert
The all-round go-to guy. If you need something done, you can count on Loukas, who may look sleepy and manly, but is actually very much awake and loves the colour purple for some strange reason. When not running around, can often be seen hiding in dark corners playing video games that end in the number 2.
Lydia Shields - The awesome kawaii Photographer
Super kawaii and totally into that J-Pop, Lydia is our social media genie and other joint Number 2 design honcho who also specializes in amazing photography, deranged 3D modelling, arty things and customizing dolls. Also spectacularly good in the kitchen and known for her cook-book-making skills.

Also Starring…

Virgil Mogtastic Shields - Cat Overlord of Shields
Master of the Aloofs, Captain Virgil is the overlord of all he can see, then some. When not whinging that Colin has stolen his favourite chair, Virgil likes eviscerating things which annoy him and imagining that he’s got super powers. Best known for his small role Star Trek Into Darkness, where he starred alongside Zachary Pinto and Benedict Cucumberpatch. He’s still upset that he got photoshopped out of that one. Virgil also has Facebook.
Ringo Shields - The Bricker
Also known as the Bricker, Ringo could be considered as a bit cowardly and having a tendency to run away, but he’s got a heart of gold and really enjoys his work of running around, sleeping and wearing stupid things on his head. Ringo has a strange, deep, instinctual desire go to fancy parties in Hollywood and trip famous people up, something he won’t publicly admit.
Colin Shields - Woof!
Calm, dozy and utterly lovable, Colin lures you in with pretty eyes and tender care. Colin is in charge of keeping things in order and makes sure everything is done in time, as long as he’s actually awake. When not busy working at his super computer or quietly snoozing in Virgil’s chair, Colin enjoys sunbathing and throwing things off cliffs. He dislikes water though and fears that one day, he will melt, just like in that documentary about yellow roads and wicked witches. Colin also shares a Facebook account with Brian.
Brian Shields - Rest in peace, little one
Described as “a horse in a dog costume” or “a strange, alien ostrich”, or even sometimes “a baby goat drawn by a small child”, Brian was beautiful in his own skinny, derpy, hilarious little way. In his spare time, Brian enjoyed running round in circles, doing marathons, spending too long in the bathroom and hanging around with Colin. Brian disliked salty things and getting attacked by Virgil and Ringo when he’d annoyed them too much.
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