I’m a professional blogger, me!

I’ve always been a writer of sorts. But while I started doing ‘art’ at around the age of 8, I found that my desire to write didn’t really appear until late 2007, when I discovered a forum focusing on my favourite thing at the time – LEGO, and, more importantly, Bionicle. My first works of literary art were simple fan-fictions, my own silly stories written in the Bionicle universe, although they were standard fan-fiction quality. They were awful.

I slowly improved though, and I began to create my own characters who, like the rest of my early writing, were a bit bland and stereotypical of a newbie writer, not to mention being a tad… overpowered. Everyone loves an unkillable monster, don’t they?

Not long after I started writing fan-fictions, some random person linked me to a new forum called Budding Writers, which I helped run for a few years, eventually becoming the head admin, but when the forum hosting company died suddenly (just after we reached 300 members), the site slowly declined and we all grew up and moved on. I ended up on a video game forum, the Steam Powered User Forums (SPUF for short) and somehow that progressed into me running a blog called the Daily SPUF and publishing video game related articles every day.

It takes skill to write something out of nothing.


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