Old Tricks That Lead To New Gains


They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, and that is true in some cases. However, although the Marketing Landscape is constantly changing, there is no reason why you can’t use some of the old tricks, and adapt them to new world! A lot of the fundamental marketing practices still work. Sometimes it’s as simple as recreating and rewriting an old topic and using it in a new way – or retooling your news.

Very often you will see large companies refresh the packaging of a tried and tested product, and the same principle applies here. You could for example;

  • Go through your company archives to find photographs and video that can be re-edited professionally to create a new story.
  • Revise old press releases into a new, ongoing, perhaps weekly series, highlighting the advances in your service or trade.
  • Create Blog posts based on customer testimonials, and adjust the look and feel to use them as a new social media or e-mail marketing campaign.

Social media and email marketing is a great way to share why your product or service stands out. ShieldsCreate.com can help you create press releases and other content, including photography and video to encourage followers to find and establish the differences between you and your competition. Then invite them to share and like those differences. ShieldsCreate.com can even run online competitions for you, so you can offer special rewards to encourage participation.

Of course, if you have used these and other techniques to build a following and a customer base, it doesn’t stop there. You need to maintain a relationship. You can use Special Events to show your appreciation, whilst introducing new products. You can build ties with your community through philanthropy and charitable support. All this and more helps to initiate discussions, and create and maintain relationships. Finally, don’t forget to say “Thank you” to your clients, and continue the connection with interesting and engaging news, press releases and media – not just adverts and invitations to buy – they will soon get tired of you otherwise!

ShieldsCreate.com can help tweak the old ideas, connecting you to new clients, and reconnecting you to old clients. By giving those ideas a digital touch, you’ll build both your audience and your brand.

Ricky Shields is the mascot and de-facto leader of the http://www.ShieldsCreate.com/  team, who have been helping businesses in Paphos and the UK present their professional face to the world with Websites, Mobile Web, Copy, Content, Graphics,  Print, Photography, Video, Signage, Social Media and more, for over a decade.








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