If A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Words….

Do you use high quality graphics, infographics and photos on your blog posts? Chances are you don’t – because most companies don’t! Very often in a place like Cyprus, we’ll find that there are sometimes sunrise or sunset photos, beach photos and the like – but what do these do to make people want to read your content? How do these images differentiate you from everybody else who uses the same sorts of images?



The fact is, they don’t. A sunset image taken on your phone is okay for your personal Facebook feed, but does very little to enhance your business. There was a time when a blog without photos or graphics was acceptable…if the writing was good enough. Today, in a time of Instagram, Pinterest and rampant photo sharing via Twitter, Facebook and more, you need to be adding infographics and professional quality images for your blog and social media posts.

Of course you may say, “I have a phone in my pocket, and I can take photos of my premises/products on that!” Actually, in most cases, phones don’t have the quality you might want, don’t capture the detail, don’t offer the viewer a true representation. This may be down to the camera itself, however, you might not want to pay a photographer for professional images. That being the case, you should still ask a professional to check and enhance your image portfolio. The stuff that can be done by a professional Photoshop expert nowadays is amazing, and, for example can make all the difference between your restaurant’s signature dish looking like a damp squib, and a meal fit for a King!

But what if your business is a little more complex? What if you need to show knotty and convoluted figures in a simple way? Infographics are key to this. If you have a clear understanding of your business, your figures and how they will differentiate you from your competition, you need a clear way to present this information, so you can use chart, information and text together to create an Infographic. You will really need help to present this graphically, so work with your graphic designer to achieve this. Make sure they understand your business clearly.

Here’s how using images and creating Infographics will help your blog and social media posts:

  • Helps you to summarize your blog content
  • Easier for your readers to get the content quickly through Infographic
  • Human brain process images much faster than text
  • Get more traffic by sharing these pictures on social media
  • Pinterest, Instagram and all Social Media love Infographics
  • Helps you to make your content viral

Whichever way you look at it, with the sheer volume of blogs and social media posts out there, you need to work harder to get yourself noticed – otherwise you may as well just be shouting into the void. So get creative, and get noticed!


Ricky Shields is the mascot and de-facto leader of the ShieldsCreate.com team, who have been helping businesses in Paphos and the UK present their professional face to the world with Websites, Mobile Web, Photography, Video, Copy, Content, Graphics,  Print, Signage, Social Media and more, for over a decade. 






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