Social Media

Social Media. Social Shields. Social Paphos.

Social Media. Social Paphos. Social Shields. Social You.

Social media isn’t just a way to relax, it’s the brand new way to keep in touch with your customers and clients. But keeping all your social media together, keeping it maintained and active can be a massive chore. That’s where Shields come in!

With Shields, we can help you run and organize your social media!

Constant Creative Content
Let Shields manage, create and share content to make your Facebook page active and engaging! Whether you want to link to important news and stories, promote new products and special offers or boast about recent jobs you’ve completed, Shields is here to boost your presence.

Crazy Competitions
Of course, what better way is there to catch people’s attention than with competitions and contests? Simply tell us what you want your competition to be and Shields will sort out the rest! We’ll gather up your comments and likes, ensure that people can only enter once, scoop up all the entries and either pick a winner at random or let you decide who is worthy of your prizes!

Social Shopping
Why not go one step further and get yourself a Facebook Shop? Turn your followers into customers with a store on which you can sell your products and services and get paid via Paypal. There’s no need to worry about the technical stuff either, as Shields will help you create and maintain your shop – all you have to do is sell!

Everything else!
Don’t have a Facebook page yet? No worries! We can help you set up a Facebook page and get you started on the path to social awesomeness! You get full control and ownership, as well as a fancy profile picture and snazzy profile background – both optimized for Facebook – to go with your new page. If you prefer other types of social media, don’t fret, Shields still has you covered! We can arrange links and posts from one social media site to another, and get your Youtube, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media account added as a tab on your Facebook page.

Interested? You should be!

And remember, we can do a ton of other things too!

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